What do we do?

We operate with road transport of import and export cargo, and have our own service, operation and management structure.

We have vehicles for all types of cargo (Container truck, Low-grid truck, Truck with grid, Truck Box Truck of 8mt/10mt, Truck-muck, Tracked vehicles), and we have Cargo Transport Insurance (policy of R$1,000,000.00 per event/per transport) , all of our cargo being insured.

The entire operation, from the availability of the TRANSPORT documentation, to the return of the empty CTNR is monitored and reverted to information through constant follow up so that our customers are well informed about the transport of their merchandise.

DComex | Despacho Aduaneiro de Importação e Exportação em Belém/PA

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Nazaré, Belém/PA

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