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DCOMEX is a Pará foreign trade company, specialized in the Import and Export goods customs clearance , with knowledge in Customs Legislation.

Comprised of qualified employees with more than 15 year experience in Customs, DCOMEX operates in the Import and Export and International Logistics market, focused on service and mastery in knowledge, to provide legal support to operations that mainly involve the Suspension or Exemption from Customs Duties (Taxes) on Imports, and Technical/Administrative support for special Export operations.

DComex | Despacho Aduaneiro de Importação e Exportação em Belém/PA
DComex | Despacho Aduaneiro de Importação e Exportação em Belém/PA

DCOMEX seeks continuous improvement in the provision of customs clearance services, through quality, commitment and responsibility with the requirements of its clients.

The goal of the organization is to satisfy its clients, meeting expectations and needs, knowledge, aiming growth and achieving new challenges, seeking competitive and qualitative results, committed with social aspects and compliance with current legislation.

Our field of activity encompasses all activities aimed at the foreign market, both in logistics and customs clearance, in the main ports, airports and Brazilian borders.

We are constantly growing...


It is to provide services for foreign trade, with the development of logistics solutions, always directed to quality, reliability and costs appropriate to the market.


To be a reference in logistics services in the regions in which it operates, with excellence in service and focus on the satisfaction of our clients.


Commitment; Self-Responsibility; Integrity; Responsibility; Proactivity; Reliability and Transparency.

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