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Companies that plan to initiate import or export procedures must rely on the experience of a professional to indicate all the processes to be adopted in order to be successful. This is also the case for companies that need to improve these steps.

Therefore, all sectors can count on the experience of a foreign trade consulting firm, which works with collaborators who are specialists in current legislation to advise on each step involved.

Procedures indicated by the Foreign Trade Consulting Company

The foreign trade consulting firm analyzes all the needs presented by the client to suggest pertinent solutions.

Therefore, it begins with the indication of the documentation that involves the bureaucratic process, how they should be done and applied.

This is the main factor for preventing the movement of goods. With the measures of the foreign trade consulting company, it is possible to speed up this step and regulate the load before the competent agencies, which are theBrazil´s Federal Revenue and Siscomex.

For the import and export to be carried out correctly, it is essential that the contractor adopts the modality indicated for its area of operation. This is also investigated by the foreign trade consulting company and supported until its operation. All content that will be transported must be within the laws – both national and international. The foreign trade consulting firm also provides support on sanitary and technical standards, which include food or easily decomposed products.

The services of a competent foreign trade consulting firm mirror the entire process. Therefore, it is indicated to have an experienced consultancy, who works with trained professionals and within the required legalities.

Company with Specialized Import and Export Professionals

DComex works with import customs clearance, export customs clearance and assistance in foreign trade throughout Brazil through its partners and agents. The company has a team of professionals who knows the legislation and all the procedures that involve the import and export of products.

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